Boarding- $60/day

Includes their own kennel space within our heated/cooled facility, a Vehoo or Kuranda cot that are ventilated, indestructible, 7” off the ground, and cleaned daily.  We encourage our guests to bring their favorite blankets and toys to enhance their stay. As appropriate, dogs get to participate in our K9 Klub activities. 

Dogs who climb kennels and are a flight risk or have a bite history must be disclosed by owners and staff will decide if they are an appropriate candidate for our facility. All dogs participating in activities at Fieldstone K9 Academy must show proof of up-to-date vaccinations. To see a list of requirements, please click here.


Grooming Services

  • Bath/Blow Dry/Nail Grind Como- $55*
  • Bath/Blow Dry- 
    • Dogs under 50 lbs. $40* 
    • Dogs over 50 lbs. $60* 
    • Long-haired large dogs $75*
  • Nail Grind- $15*

Dog Runner Ortho Pro Treadmill

Our indoor doggie treadmill is an excellent way for your dog to get exercise on nasty NE Ohio days. We will evaluate if your dog is a good candidate for using the treadmill. The treadmill is a great way to burn off your dog’s extra energy. It is highly recommended for working-dogs and other dogs who have energy coming out their ears!

$10 for 10 minutes