Fieldstone K9 Academy is Northeast Ohio’s leading provider of dog training and behavioral modification services. Owned and operated by Certified Professional Trainer Stacey Snyder, and located in Mantua, Fieldstone K9 Academy focuses on the relationship between human and canine by bridging the gap in communication to establish leadership, trust and respect.

Evaluation – $85 

Includes: 60-minute evaluation of your dog’s disposition, drive, triggers, history, socialization, and owner/dog relationship. Owners should come to the evaluation with a good understanding of their goals or what they hope to accomplish for making their dog a part of their family’s home and lifestyle. A written outline of the training plan that the owner and trainer have agreed on will be given to the owner before the training starts.

Pricing is dependent on the temperament, breed, age, and environment the dog has been exposed to before beginning training a Fieldstone K9 Academy. We find this way of pricing to be fair to both the owner and the trainer. 

Every dog is different, and we cater our training to the goals of the owners for their unique dog!



Monday through Friday drop your K-9 bestie off before work and pick him up at the end of the day.

This daily Boot Camp includes one-on-one with the instructor for several sessions per day.

Depending on your dog’s age and level and his/her on-leash experience, we will build your puppy/adult dog’s confidence with foundational basic obedience skills using clear communication, repetition, and consistency. We start our foundational approach training in an environment with very minimal amounts of distractions (at our facility) and increase the levels of distractions as explained in your evaluation. These will include on-leash walks alongside other dogs in training handled by experienced trainers, classes with trainers and multiple puppies/adult dogs, socializing with other dogs if applicable, enjoying fieldtrips such as going to Headwaters Trail Park, Home Depot or any store that is dog friendly, trips to Garrettsville and Chagrin Falls and experiencing our agility course of obstacles including, cat walks, stairs, tunnels, and jumps.

Package price to be determined on day of evaluation.

Training goals to be determined during the evaluation. Owners are expected to practice at home the training they and their dog have learned.


Includes: Training goals to be determined during the evaluation. Owners are expected to practice at home with homework applying the training techniques and learned concepts they and their dog have learned. This service is offered at our facility as well as at the client’s home then moving onto environments with more distractions.


Includes a Monday-Friday stay at our facility with daily training sessions with your dog. Dogs go home on the weekends to hang out with their humans and practice what everyone has learned. Training goals to be determined during the evaluation. Owners are expected to practice at home the training they and their dog have learned. Another option includes the dog boarding through the weekend without the training fee for out-of-town clients.


Single Day Rate:  $55

Two Dog Day Rate:  $95

K9 Klub provides the numerous ways we have of engaging our dog’s mind and exercising them in the healthiest way possible.  That’s why we created this service.  To get a well-rounded full day of engaging activities like socialization, walks, training, and other tasks that will have them leaving happy, tired, and completely fulfilled in the way that nature intended them to be.

What all is included?

Social time:  All dogs will get a minimum of 30 minutes of structured play time with dogs that are hand selected to mesh well with their individual play style.

Structured walking:  All dogs will get a 20-minute structured walk through our 50 acre facility or a walk on the Headwaters Trail.

Brush up training:  All dogs will get a brush up training session to work on the core commands, keeping them sharp and ready to use.

Other misc. K9 Klub activities:  This may include toy time, agility work, treadmill training, and other enriching activities while they are here.  These may be supplemented on poor weather days when we can’t take an outdoor excursion or where we deem it beneficial.  Additional K9 Klub activities will be added in at Fieldstone K9 Academy’s discretion.

Our daycare services are currently offered Monday through Thursday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Late fees will be charged for late pick up.

Fieldstone K9 Academy offers Monday-Friday daily K9 Klub for past or current training clients. Note: not all dogs have the appropriate temperament or training to participate in our K9 Klub. Fieldstone K9 Academy has the right to refuse a dog’s inclusion in the group. Clients can choose how many days their dog participates. Some well-behaved dogs that have not participated in our training program can be evaluated and accepted into this program after evaluation.

If there is enough interest from several people coming from the same area, we will provide doggie pick-ups for an added fee. Strict pick-up times will be adhered to.


While evaluating your dog we will have a good understanding of the tools needed to help achieve your goals while training. We will start with our own tools and give you a list of what works effectively as you start your journey. Tools may change as your dog’s skills increase. You can purchase them from us.

While training we will figure out what motivates your dog with a positive no pressure approach, such as praise, food, and toys to shape and mark the desired behavior. Then we bridge these techniques with a balanced approach using tools such as a flat collar and leash, Herm Sprenger Prong Collar, other Herm Sprenger Equipment, and the EZ-900 Educator E-Collar. These tools are the most effective, reliable, and humane tools available to help improve your dog’s behavior.