Hear what our clients have to say about Fieldstone K9 Academy

“Thank you for your trust and confidence in our services. We greatly appreciate your referrals.”  –Stacey

Thank you Fieldstone, Stacy and Maddie!

After a frustrating experience with a previous trainer, I was hesitant to trust another person with my dog. My last experience at board and train left my dog with a horrible upper respiratory infection and a fear of baths. I called Stacy for help and began a wonderful relationship for my dog, Tank, a 2 year old German Shepherd. Tank was not aggressive, but needed some manners and leash training. I needed to learn how to work with my dog. Stacy and Maddie were miracle workers! They would send me photos of Tank in Home Depot as well as Home Goods. There Tank was in a perfect down stay soaking in all the attention from shoppers.

At home he transformed from a hyper dog to a relaxed family pet. His manners are 100 percent improved! I have become more comfortable walking with him and taking him places. He walks perfectly on a leash, will remain in a down position as I talk with strangers, and he enters and exits a car perfectly. By the way, he loves his bath time now! His grooming time with Maddie is a very wet, but happy experience.
Stacy will check in every now and then to see how we are doing or ask if we need any support. Tank and I will visit for a tune up and short session. She is a master at reading dogs and communicating to owners what they need to do.

I would recommend Stacy and Fieldstone to everyone who loves their dog and wants to build a wonderful relationship with them.

Gail Singleton, Google review

I was referred to Stacey by one of the Vet techs where I take my dog. At the time, he was just over a year old, German Shepard. I travel a lot and take him with me everywhere. We were having issues with pulling on the leash and reactivity towards others dogs. The leash pulling would be so bad sometimes that my arms and back would ache after an outing. It was very unpleasant. After the first week with Stacey my jaw was on the floor. My dog was so respectful and happy and eager to learn. He loved it as much as I did. Her training facility is absolutely beautiful and so clean. Its been a little over a year now that we have been sending him to Stacey. We send him for a week or two at a time every few months to work on various things and she never ceases to amaze me. Every time I come to pick up Oakley we always go over different things to help continue the training at home. Stacey has taught me so many amazing things and made my relationship with my dog even more amazing.

Oakley is now able to walk off leash in public places, in a heel command with distractions and never miss a beat. It truly is amazing! I recommend her to everyone I can after my results with my dog and will continue to send him for refreshers and to learn new fun things. I would never trust anyone else with my dog.

Ashlee Barringer, Google review

Our dog was trained for hunting fieldwork, but we wanted basic obedience and good manners in the home. It only took 8 days and she learned all of her obedience skills and they were all on point. Stacey and her staff were professional and made everything fun. Eider loved them. The facility was extremely clean and the facilities were up to date with all of the modern conveniences! Great experience!

Edie Benner, Google review

Fieldstone K9 Academy is the best place for extended stay, training, overall location, and a loving and caring place for your dogs to be. The facility is clean, homey, and inviting – our two German Shepherds absolutely loved it upon first sight. Stacey, the owner, is a very professional trainer who has worked to resolve our boys’ bad habits with care and discipline. I would strongly recommend Stacey, her space, and her excellent training to anyone.

Galina Berglund, Google review

Our Great Dane, Remi, started Puppy Boot Camp with Fieldstone K9 Academy at 15 weeks old. Stacey makes training fun and we love to see how excited Remi truly is to attend Puppy Boot Camp. Remi enjoys the socialization, field trips and learning basic skills. With Stacey’s training and guidance, we learned along with Remi and are now confident we are able to take her anywhere. We receive many comments on how well trained she is. The facility is beautiful, well maintained and very clean. We highly recommend Fieldstone K9 Academy!

Kaylyn Kane, Google review

Fieldstone K9 Academy is top notch training! Stacey is AMAZING at what she does!

We have a 9 month old Shepard/Mastiff who started the Academy for Puppy Bootcamp at 3 months old. It has done wonders for him and for us learning how to communicate effectively with our dog.

He is very well mannered and socialized now and we can take him anywhere on or off leash with his e-collar and feel confident he will listen to us.

She goes above and beyond to help you and your dog. Not to mention she is highly trained and just has a natural
Talent for training dogs.

Moose loves her and gets so excited to see her when he goes there.

I recommend her highly to anyone who needs help with there dog. Whatever the issue may be.

Andrea Zelch, Google review

We strongly recommend Fieldstone K-9 Academy for your dog. We took our Siberian Husky to Stacey for “puppy boot camp” and the results were remarkable. Huskies can be difficult to train, but with Stacey’s help, Toga has become a wonderful family pet who socializes well with other dogs and is very obedient. Stacey also took Toga on several “field trips” including area parks and stores as part of his training. Toga is great on walks now and very nonreactive to passing dogs. We couldn’t be happier with the results.

Gary Shulman, Google review

I finally feel there is hope for my 2 Doberman dogs. My 1st Doberman is the sweetest boy at home, but very reactive in public. We did all the puppy classes at the pet store for him, met with a personal trainer, and even put him into classes when his reactive behaviors started. Yes my dog can sit, give paw, lay down, and all the basic commands, but no one ever actually taught me how to handle and train his behaviors that lead to being reactive. He was kicked out of classes that claimed to address the pulling, barking, & jumping. I left classes in tears and in pain because my dog was so out of control.

I was mortified, embarrassed, and in physical pain from the leash pulling. I was losing hope and felt I would never be able to bring out the potential I know my dog has. By the grace of God I was given Stacey’s information with Fielstone K9 Academy. Day 1 she was teaching me how to gain control over my dog and how to stop the pulling. Every other trainer always told me “don’t pull on the leash & use lose leash”, but never once did anyone teach me HOW to achieve that and for the 1st time Stacey was actually teaching me and I was getting results.

I left our session on day one with my hope restored. By lesson 2 she had me walking my dog with a lose leash along side another dog, in the presence of a cat, and outside which is a trigger in itself for my dog. I knew in that moment I found the perfect person and environment for my dogs.

The property is beautiful and tranquil, which seems to really relax and ground both of my dogs. They are happy during session and the stress and tension that was present in their other training classes seems to disappear when there. My 2nd Dobbie is a more fearful and shy dog and was also kicked out of classes and asked to repeat classes stating she wasn’t ready to advance. My girl is doing amazing with Stacey and is actually happy during training. In her other classes it took 5 sessions before my dog would accept treats from the trainer and Stacey had her doing this day 1. My girl took a month to go through a hulahoop in a previous class, but Day 2 with Stacey was getting on and off the doggie treadmill.

I can’t stay enough positive things about Fieldstone K9 Academy. Cost is very fair and in comparison to all the other trainers/programs we have tried I am getting way more bang for my buck here. I just wish we would have found Stacey sooner. I 10/10 reccomend this place to anyone who wants actual training for their dog and to learn how to lead their dog into a happier more obedient life.

Sandy Bartram, Google review