Train your dog with techniques that work for their specific temperament.

Kimber walking backwards on command increases hind end awareness. This is an advanced obedience maneuver to further the degree of difficulty we can start walking backwards up stairs, to further increase the difficulty of this maneuver to an environment we’ve never been to at an outdoor shopping center with many people and traffic- trucks and cars. The key to great obedience is total engagement. This means he’s totally engaged in what I’m asking him to do. You can tell he’s totally engaged because he never takes his eyes off me. I’m using positive reinforcement with a food reward.

On a trip to Petsmart, Kimber gets to pick out one thing he enjoys chewing on. This trip, on his own, the biggest rawhide bone available to the store. He took it to the counter to be checked out, and then carried the rawhide through the parking lot. When we got to the car you can see him contemplating how to get through the door with the rawhide. He worked it out!

Kimber and Stacey doing basic obedience maneuvers which is heel, stop, sit with implied stay. Stacey walks further away while he is sitting with the implied stay and then gives the heel command and he rejoins her for heel at side. He does all of this with the distractions of people and high traffic around him. It is very important to increase levels of distraction while training. We do this by asking for obedience commands in many different environments.